Deluxe Tumble Aid


20″ High, 36″ Wide.

Velcro bottom attaches to mats with velcro on ends or all 4 sides.


Getting to the next level is difficult in every sport, but especially in gymnastics where new movements involve new challenges with limited experience. That’s why coaches spot gymnasts and why we developed the the Hadar Deluxe Tumble Aid, as a great coaching aid to assist young gymnasts into more advanced gymnastics. It is literally a hands on aid to improve gymnastic flips, tumbles and multiple other gymnastic movements. It allows the coach to focus 100% on the gymnast without worrying about the tumble aid moving. The Deluxe Tumble Aid Velcros into adjacent mats so it can’t slide. This frees the instructor to assist the gymnast. Side wings of 2-inch urethane foam attach with Velcro to mats up to 6 ft wide. Hadar Gym Mats are a perfect fit. Order the V2 or V4 Velcro option on the mat — the Deluxe Tumble Aid comes with Velcro.

The shape of the Deluxe Tumble Aid allows it to be used lengthwise or with the angled sides assisting in taking off and landing, encouraging a jump with a proper angle moving forward to tumble properly. At 20″ high, the top of the Deluxe Tumble Aid is at a perfect height to assist rotational movements where the final form will be without the hands touching the floor.

The cover is made of Hadar’s heavy duty leather grain vinyl coated nylon. This is the cover material that meets all United States Consumer Product Safety Commission (USCPSC) lead and Phthalate content restrictions.

Additional information

Weight 22 lbs
Dimensions 36 × 24 × 28 in

Royal, Navy, Columbia, White, Maroon, Scarlet, Forest, Kelly, Yellow, Tan, Purple, Orange, Grey, Black


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