Weighted Sideline Yard Markers 14″ & 24″


  • SLM18, SLM22, DSM18, & DSM22 are Double Sets for Both Sidelines
  • Stock Colors White #’s on Black
    • Contact Us for Different Colors, Canadian Sets, and/or Artwork
  • Standard Sets (SLM’s) are weighted foam wedges
  • Distant Sets (DSM’s) are sandwich boards connected with weighted anchors
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SLM 14″ sideline sets are available in all combinations for one or both sidelines. The DSM 24″ sideline marker sets are great for larger stadiums. Both can be ordered in custom color combinations and even including custom artwork. Call the factory for a quote on custom sideline markers.

Set of 9: One Sideline: 10,20,30,40,50,40,30,20,10

Set of 11: One sideline, add G (2X)

Set of 18: Two sidelines 10 – 10

Set of 22: Two sidelines G – G

Yes, we do make a Canadian 55 yard marker.

Custom sets for Flag Football available.

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