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Hadar Soft Kettlebell Set (5, 10, 20, 30 Pounds) Seatbelt Web Handles for Power Lifting


The set of four kettle bells come in 5lb, 10lb, 20lb and 30lb sizes. Kettlebell training is effective weight training which allows a broad range of movements and special activities. In addition, soft kettlebells add another dimension to kettlebell training by allowing the weight to now be used dynamically in throwing and movement where landing on the floor would cause damage with an iron kettlebell, but is no problem with Hadar Soft Kettlebells. The web handles mean Hadar kettlebells can be combined for lifting, so the basic set of four kettlebells combines for a complete set of weights from five pounds to sixty-five pounds in five pound increments. Using your core to stabilize the kettlebell through various movements is an intense, highly effective weight lifting technique to gain strength used in every sport. The handle of the kettlebell encourages you to swing the weight and controlling that dynamic motion adds to the endurance and power. Build up weight slowly and learn to control the weight properly, again an advantage of soft kettlebells if you’ve ever heard or seen an iron kettlebell dropped onto any damageable flooring.

Soft Foam Plyometric Box


The first-ever weighted plyobox for home use that gives you the features demanded in an institutional setting. Firm foam core adds a stable base without the hard surfaces that can cause impact injuries.