Soft Foam Plyometric Box


The first-ever weighted plyobox for home use that gives you the features demanded in an institutional setting. Firm foam core adds a stable base without the hard surfaces that can cause impact injuries.

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First, the Hadar Soft Foam Plyometric Box works great for home use. Second, the box flips to give a different jump height in any direction. The weighted bottom (as indicated) on the 30″ tall side, reduces the risk of tipping over on a missed jump. Durability? The ultra-firm closed cell foam core will take years of plyometrics’ abuse. And it’s foam filled, much softer than wood and steel boxes that can cause injuries. First, get going. Next get more active. Finally, start explosive plyometric training the easy way, today.


Additional information

Weight 25 lbs
Dimensions 25 × 30 × 21 in


  • An innovative weighted bottom on the 30” side to reduce the risk of tipping and add stability to your workout.
  • A complete non-skid cover to reduce slipping and injury.
  • A flexible high strength foam that won’t lose its shape over 100,000 load cycles.
  • Designed and built with the same materials and standards we put into our institutional products.

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